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The North American Hand-Made Bicycle Show 2007, Part II
story and photos by Low Kwan Seng


Bilenky also has some of the best looking lugwork:

Next comes all the weight weenie carbon fibre players. This year, Craig Calfee ( has some new tricks up his sleeve. Just look at this crazy new "invention". Is that a bicycle? Yeah, looks like a bicycle. In fact, it's been ridden for some miles already. Looks like it's being meshed together with carbon strands. Surprisingly Calfee says its perfectly rideable.

Hey, no bull! This is a real Texas bull horn on a bamboo frame! Moooooooooo….

Cutout profile of a Calfee carbon frame bottom bracket area:

Last, but certainly not the least: Brent Ruegamer, the new carbon kid on the block, who can and makes some wild looking carbon framesets. Look at this non-UCI TT frameset. This is what a carbon TT bike should look like; this is THE DESTINY of carbon, without some bureaucrats somewhere telling/dictate what you can or can't make.

Here's the meister/creator Brent Ruegamer with his new baby:

Brent also has a 10 lbs (4.5kg) bike on display:

That's all we have for this year. Thanks for reading!

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