Riding Fathers - Happy Fathers' Day
report and photo by Jimmy "Lance" Tan

Since it's the month of June and Fathers' Day is just around the corner, thoughts of cycling {Giro d'Italia} and fatherhood pop up, me being a cyclist and at the same time finding myself moving on to the next phase of my life - fatherhood. This phase (six months and counting) has indeed taken centre stage. The cyclist's life as I know it ceased to exist. Late night googling for bike stuff has been taken over by internet purchases for baby stuff. Not to mention 'Cyclingnews' that's a big NO-NO ... a cold shower is needed after all those reading with no outlet to ride. One still clean 'bidon' but now with milk in it ... oh well at least the brush looks familiar. And yes there are bibs that are meant to be put around the neck.

I discovered that being a first time father can be difficult; mix in the late night diaper change intervals with holding down a 9 to 5 for milk money. Which for most folks mean that 70% of our daily life is taken up. So how do we squeeze in the time to train and rest ? On paper you cycling life looks all gloom and doom. But all is not lost, as I found out, things start to get better. Babies got into routine and one works around them. A supportive wife definitely helps. I even started to ride back, cranking up the miles slowly and painfully. Put those numbers and meters aside, they are no good motivation tools in the first few weeks of you coming back. Go out enjoy the ride. It's ok to smile mid ride, thinking of the little one back home and wonder what she/he is up to.

Having a goal helps as part of your target to come back riding strong. Check out the local event calender for races and cyclosportive events. Mark them down, be realistic, give yourself two to three months. As for me, I just put my signature down on a local event next month. I doubt I'm going to be much reckoning, and I shall be content with finishing with the pack. I think I'm going to be as nervous as my first race. Well will know how it goes this time next month.

Today, I just got back from a long slow ride, the little fellow was there on her play-pan, eagerly awaiting for my embrace. Her small little finger reaches out for my smelly bibs and she starts to smile. Melts me heart, I say. Exhaustion just disappears there and then no matter how wrecked you are you still smell and look good to them. You are the hero, the 'Man'. The other day someone ask why I still ride, since there are some many things going on in my life now - simple, 'cause comes the weekend race/rides there is one 'big' fan back home or on the support car cheering her heart out for you. To the cycling dads I salute you - happy fathers' day.

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