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cycas revoluta 2005 Tour Beer Langkawi, Day 3
story and photos by Darren Lee | additional photos by Ong Kai Seng, Finian Lee and Teoh Ween Sze
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After all our suffering on Day 2 (or maybe I should say all *my* suffering), the last thing on everyone's mind was probably going for another ride on Day 3. With that, the bikes were given a day's rest in the biggest hotel room while the owners went off gallivanting.

Pro bikes being stored while the pros (yeah, right) went sightseeing.

The plan was to visit the cable car station which will take us from Telaja Tujuh (Seven Wells) to about 700 metres above sea level. Not high in absolute terms, but certainly high enough for us to enjoy the cool air and escape the hot Malaysian weather for a few hours.

The ride there in our rental van was fun and filled with mind-numbing banter and laughter. Somewhere along the journey, someone discovered she was sitting on a wet seat and well, you can guess what sort of jokes came out after that ....

There is some sort of Oriental-themed village at the cable car base station, but being a bunch of Chinamen ourselves, we sort of glided through without much of a look and headed over to the registration counter. But, since we took a photo, here is what it generally looks like:

The ride up costs 15 bucks a pop. The cable car fits four and isn't air-conditioned, much to my disappointment. Nevermind, though, it will get cooler it you hold the window open with your hand (at the risk of getting sore arms).

It can be a squeeze if four big guys pile into it.

And while riding up to the top station in the cable car, these two fortunate blokes here below got to share the car with Winona Ryder who happened to be visiting Langkawi (really).

This is either a real photograph or an Oakley advertisement ....

You can see part of the fabled Seven Wells while you are riding upwards in the cable car. Just don't look down too often if you happen to be scared of heights.

(It is now time for a tourism plug) If you haven't been to the Langkawi cable car station, you must! It is beautiful, refreshing and if you stand at one point along the suspended bridge, the air blasting though a crack between two mountain peaks is, well, a blast!

If this was a Star Wars website, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a Wookie base....

Plus, the open air toilet at the top is certainly a novelty (this will make you visit if nothing else will ... )

And this is the view while you stand at the toilet doing your business at 700 metres above sea level....

Main objective over, we headed over to a beach for a while (this is compulsary you see, we are on a resort island after all...). Instead of splashing around in the sea, most of us just lazed around under the shade. Hey, as if a six-hour ride under the sun isn't enough sun exposure already...

It was then time to head back to the hotel to pack up and check out. Our ferry was due to take off at only 5:00pm but we were already bumped out of the hotel by the standard check out time. There was only one thing left to do - head over to the local KFC restaurant for a 3-hour lunch .....

Bike-friendly parking. Right outside while you chow down your Hot-n-Spicy chicken ...

And ride back to town once in a while for some beer.

Faces of the bored and tired at the ferry terminal.

Being a Monday evening, the ferry was unsurprisingly empty and we had the whole cabin to ourselves. Smashing! This does make up for having to endure a trip on the open deck on the way there (obligatory group photo here):

A vast ferry all to ourselves. What luxury.

By the time we reached Penang it already dark and we had a quiet ride back to our homes.

All in all, a memorable trip. Budak! please start planning for the next one...

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